our mission

1. The promotion of the Heidlersburg community interest, goodwill, and fellowship among the community's residents and the Company's members, in order to advance the civic standards of the community.

2. To be in a position to propose, recommend and endorse any civic program that will enhance the Heidlersburg community, and, likewise, to be in a position to object to any program which would endanger, jeopardize or impair the Heidlersburg community as a whole.

3. To cooperate with the Heidlersburg community's residents and the Company's members, for the mutual protection and safety of all persons.

4. To provide fire protection services, fire police services, medical assistance, disaster and emergency assistance, search details, fire safety public education programs, first aid training programs and similar public services.

5. To hold title and exercise ownership of real estate, fire protection vehicles, fire-fighting equipment and fire house furnishings and equipment.

6. To conduct community fund-raising activities, in order to finance the activities of the Company.